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Lifetri Groep is an insurer with a long history and a shareholder – Sixth Street Partners – which, just like us, aims for long term success.  Our portfolio includes funeral insurances, life insurances and pension insurances.
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Lifetri Groep 2021 results: Solid progress on strategic and financial objectives

Meticulous preparation of Lifetri for the 1,800 billion Dutch pension system transition has resulted in a strong presence in the Dutch market for pension guarantees. A continued commitment to support Dutch pension funds has led to a healthy development of a pipeline with tailormade solutions.

Lifetri Groep documents: facts & figures

Lifetri Successfully concluded its first issue of 80 million Euro Tier 2 Notes

To further support its growth ambition in pension bu-outs Lifetri has sucessfully concluded its first issue of € 80 million Tier 2 Notes. The issuance reaffirms the confidence investors have in our growth story and optimizes our capital structure and cost of funding.

Meet our management board

With years of experience on board Lifetri is ready tot take on expansion in the field of pensions.

Taking care of customers, employees and the planet

Lifetri commits itself to ans ESG policy (ESG stands for Environmental, Social ans Governance).

THis means that Lifetir takes ESG factors, such as the climate and living environment, into consideration when makin its decision. This is how we take care of our employees, cusomers and the planet. Because Lifetri offers long-term products, this ties in naturally with the business.

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